Poor design (Crap Websites)!

Poor design (Crap Websites)!

We were running a maintenance script this morning on our business directories for county Wexford and found that the websites that only lasted 1 year on the web are the ones that are the worst designed. The professionally designed and correctly structured websites were the ones that have gained in search engines and have been an actual benefit to their owners. The bad ones were not even renewed and so have died.

I suppose the old saying, ” You get what you pay for” is evident to this.

  • shane keogh
    January 30, 2009 at 4:15 pm

    It is my opinion that 90% of these so called qualified collage boy designers are all papers and NO brains. Examples of bad webdesign are: Buy and sell (place ad link gives blank page), View mobile/broadband history does not work just dead links.

    Too many designers in a hurry to get the cash do not even focus on the job at hand and so end up publishing sites where links are not working. This in my opinion in typical of Irish Web Designers I have come accross so many Irish Websites that have so many broken links, typos and general mistakes that I would NEVER hire an irish web designer to do work for me. There seems perhaps to be a system of hiring guys who barely passed their exams in collage and never pay real focus to what they are doing.

    Too much focus is placed on whether these people have certificates and papers and absolutely NO focus is placed on whether or not these collage kids have the actual intelligence to do the job properly.

    I learned web design by self study, I know many others who did the same and we could design a site better than half of these half-baked collage kids who are ALL PAPERS AND NO BRAINS!

  • Declan
    February 18, 2009 at 5:24 pm

    Considering that the way forward for websites is young designers, i dont think you should be knocking them. They get the crap jobs because they need the work and have to work with the resources they have like computer programs. If any thing you should be encouraging them to take on more work which will make your business more reputable.

    But m sure Mr Keagh and the media company realised that and miss wrote the comments they made

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