Internet Register Ireland – SCAM

Internet Register Ireland – SCAM

Internet Register Ireland

This is a copy of an email and letter that is currently being sent to owners of domain names in Ireland.

This German company is asking owners of domains to send them €958 euro to get listed on their internet directory.

It is a SCAM and delete or shred it. The notice reads with the following text:


Please use the enclosed reply envelope to return the form with your current details for the Internet Register Ireland, or reply by fax. Only then will the Internet Register contain the latest information. Your basic data will e updated, even if you do not place an order. In the lower part of the form you can state up to three search keys, in addition to your sector, by which interested parties shall find you in the Internet Register. hese search keys are only into consideration if you place the payable advertisement order below by signing. You can confirm the accuracy of the stated details by correcting the following data: Click on ImageClick for Larger Image


We hereby place an order with DAD Deutscher Adressdienst GmbH (hereinafter: publisher) under the general terms and conditions of business cited overleaf, to publish the above details highlighted in the Internet Register Ireland, published by DAD GmbH. In addition to the sector, we have the opportunity of stating up to three search keys by which interested parties shall find us. The register contains Irish companies, self employed, organisations and public institutions with internet addresses and appears on the World Wide Web under The advertisement costs 958 EUROS per annum and is payable in advance after issue of invoice. The order is valid for the next three years from the date of order, and is extended each time by another year, unless written notice to terminate has been given three months prior to the end of the term of contract. The publisher reserves the right to specify the layout of the advertisement. The data shall be stored electronically. German law applicable. Exclusive place of jurisdiction and performance is the registered place of business of the publisher.

  • Ewan Duffy
    September 17, 2008 at 7:38 pm

    Received one of these today and was about to bin everything when a thought struck me. Seal up their business reply envelope with nothing in it and post it back to them at their expense. Then bin/shred everything else.

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