Recession and Credit Crunch in Ireland

Recession and Credit Crunch in Ireland

We have noticed that a number a small business are starting to feel the the pinch as the recession in Ireland hits home to smaller businesses. We are actually seeing smaller business close and some are just closing their website down.


The trend is that sites that are not doing well are the ones that have very little content and therefore were not doing well in search engines and not doing well as a marketing tool to draw in potential clients.

As this recession kicks in further you will see the smaller players in every business finding it harder and harder.

Another trend that we have noticed is that bigger business who have been in business for say 20 plus years are starting to get online, believe it or not many still only use eircom email accounts in thier offices.

Moral of my rant, get a website for your business in the good times so you wont be last on the list in the bad times.

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  • Libertyed
    April 1, 2009 at 11:34 am

    Yes, would have to agree with you, regarding the small businesses in Ireland going belly up.

    That does not have to happen, if you had a goverment in power, that would expose the bank fraud that caused part of this problem.

    Don’t get me wrong, its a global situation, again caused by the greed of wealth investment players and the bankers themselfs, starting off in the good auld US of A. Spreading its scams investment packages globally.

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