Advice From Accountants in Gorey – hmm

Advice From Accountants in Gorey – hmm

We had an interesting telephone call to the office today about our last article regarding registering Irish Domain Names, that means the ones that end in .ieĀ  ( domain names)

This anonymous caller on a private number claiming to be an accountant in Gorey mentioned that it is possible to register a domain name without being registered with the companies office.

I would like to confirm that this is true….. if you are a registering a domain for yourself such as for example. It is possible, but if you are looking to register a domain name for a business or a company then being registered with the CRO is required.

There are different types of applications for irish domain names and if you would like to register a personal domain name, then a different documentation procedure is used, a copy of a passport etc.

We used this procedure when we registered the domain name for our local Fine Gael TD,

Thank You anonymous caller, for you input, can I also mention that you can type in a reply to any of our articles under each post on every page to our blog.

If you are looking to start a business in Gorey or Wexford then do give us a call and we can pass on details of how to register a domain name and also help you in understanding what domains are good for your business and search engines etc.

Call us today on 053 9430748 or Dublin on 01 4433074

  • Tom Doyle
    July 30, 2009 at 5:08 pm

    Not entirely true either. You can get a discretionary domain name for an unrelated domain name (to your compnay or business name) if you can prove the domain name will be used in relation to your company.

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