Online Scams / Website Plagarism

Online Scams / Website Plagarism

Often we come across flagarent cases whereby companies have taken the content off one website and put in onto another. This has been highlighted recently whereby stole the content off the best voip and did online service called  = original creators, others only copy.

The brainchild of programming guru Joel Driver of Webdream Solutions Ltd, a registered Irish business. Webdream have created out of seeing a gap in the market and most importantly a gap in the use of the technology in Internet Telephony use. Joel has a inherent programming skill (yes, he is a bit of a nerd, lol !!!) that is rare these days.  As more and more developers are being let go from the larger IT companies around the world, It’s great to know that smaller companies like Webdream have been there for years working away while others have risen and fallen. Joel’s logical and practical programming skills are in full use in this service his company offers.

mydivert_03Now a recognized global brand, has attracted the attention of other inferior companies trying to catch up and it seems their only way of doing this is to copy his ideas and website content “Word for Word“!

In one ways I know it’s a compliment to be copied, but in others it also means that users might accidentally go to the wrong site when looking for his services. Duplicate Content issues are also a factor and one would hope that the major search engines would see that the newbies are simply a copy and that are the original creators of their VOIP/DID Call Services.

Well done Joel for the creation of the service and to the others that copy you, maybe Karma will overcome where Google doesn’t

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Dave Jordan

  • Josh
    July 15, 2009 at 2:32 pm

    Thanks Dave for the excellent blog post.

    It realy does demonstrate that there are no short cuts when it comes to good website content.

    Not only have these guys shown themselves to be fools, they have also attracted bad publicity to their little scam and any brand they were thinking to develop.

    This realy does apply to all website content, text or images. The message for all website owners is DON’T RISK YOUR COMPANY BRAND AND REPUTATION BY USING PLAGARISED OR STOLEN CONTENT.

    If in doubt, contact your web designer.

    We posted a short video about these guys which should be viewable here: YouTube Video


    Once again, thanks for the great blog & hello to the team at – on the ball as ever!

  • Josh
    July 18, 2009 at 6:55 pm


    This issue was resolved by sending a ‘DMCA Notice of Copyright Infringement’ document to the company that hosted the website in USA.

    Shortly thereafter we were contacted by the hosting company and the website publisher who stated that they had ‘out sourced’ the design and content of the website.

    The owners of the offending website appologised and promised to remove the website.

    Once the website had been removed from the server we also deleted the youtube video highlighting this case. We consider the issue now closed.

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