Internet Register Ireland Letter

Internet Register Ireland Letter

These are the types of letters many businesses understand to be about the renewal of their domain in Ireland, where as really they are an invitation to be listed on an Internet directory for Ireland for a cost of €958 per annum for a 3 year contract.

I suggest throwing it away, it’s rubbish, they are just opportunists and trying to get you to send them money thinking its your domain name renewal.

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  • barry ellis
    May 13, 2010 at 11:53 am

    We received same letter and seeing it was a free listing (not reading the small print)we sent it back signed. To receive two weeks later a invoice for 958 euro. I faxed off a letter to cancel our listing . We then received a letter to say the 14 day cooling off period (cancelations) was over and monies were due. . They have no hope !

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