Firefox 4 download

Firefox 4 download

Thinking of upgrading your web browser then a new version of Mozilla Firefox 4 is now available to download from their website. We have been using the Beta version for a few weeks now and it appears that they have worked on the speed issues that was causing it to run slowly.

Speed is King !

As mentioned in previous posts, speed when browsing the net is at the forefront of web development these days as the various browsers from Google and Microsoft are battling to be the most popular. Once they have the highest percentage of usage they can then make their search engine the default and thus gain market share.

Firefox has many Add-on’s that make your simple web browser into a real business tool. Add on’s include Social Media booking marking to web development tools. Download management is a favourite for many teenagers.

Get Notified when websites are updated is another small add-on that’s a simple and effective tool.

So as before with the other Internet browsers, have a look at your own website and your competitors to see if its compatible. If not, give me a call and we can schedule in an upgrade for you.

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