Printers love web designers!

Printers love web designers!

Only two minutes after writing the last blog post the phone rings and its a client who set up a website with us last year and we registered a domain name for them. The reminder renewal was sent out on the first of March 2011. It has since expired and their domain name was bought by another company.

What about our Stationary?

I know, they now have to reprint all their stationary as otherwise they will be advertising a competitor on their headed paper, invoices, business cars, flyers and compliment slips. So today we secured another domain name for them and are in the middle of setting up their emails and changing their website. I could tell you another story of the haulage company who lost their .com and had to reprint all their truck signage. (both sides too!)

Anyway, if you are looking at reducing your annual printing costs I would suggest making sure your domain name gets renewed.

Call Dave on 053 9430748 to secure your domain name now.

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