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My Domain Name has Expired, does that effect my email Address?

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My Domain Name has Expired, does that effect my email Address? The answer is yes if you have not renewed your domain name with us then it “expires”. This means that the domain is put on ice for sixty days until it is then let go back onto the market.

If you have dot com domain name www.yourcompany.com then it could be worse news. These generally get bought us by Asian companies over night and then a “FOR SALE” sign put up on them in a few days. It is then a case of contacting the new owners and seeinf if you can buy the domain name back, generally around the $1,000 price range is sought for expired domain names.

So the answer is Yes, if you are using the domain name you own for your email address then if it has expired then you will loose access to your email addresses.

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