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Think about who is your Target Market?

When you are looking at your site hits and pageviews etc and wondering about where to generate more traffic for your site make sure to think about who your target market is and where are they?

If the people you are reacing for are in the UK or Germany then start to think about the search engine that they might be using. Many people in Ireland assume that it is Google, but our statistics and surveys would indicate that each country has a favourite search engine

Find out what pc’s they are using and this is also a good indication that they are using a certain search engine and each pc manufacturer usually using a particular search engine. In Ireland for expample Dell is a very popular make of Pc and they are shipped with MSN or Live.com as their homepage, Thus producing different results.

There can be a huge difference in search engine results depending on the one you use. If you are targeting the Uk market for example then which is the most popular search engine in the UK.

For more details or to find out how we can help market your business online call Dave Jordan on 053-9430748

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