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Ireland homeopathy Website launched

Cada Media Ltd are excited about this new website for the ‘Homepathy Ireland Centre’ based in Wexford Town.

homeopathyThe web address is : www.irelandhomeopathy.com

This ex New Yorker was looking for a dynamic and eyecatching website which would be search engine friendly, easy to navigate, editable by herself and use social networking techniques to reach her target market, through which she could impart her knowledge and health tips for dealing with autism, adhd and asthma amongst other allergies in a non intrusive and homeopathic manner.

Focusing specifically on childhood diseases, Homepathy Ireland Centre aim to educate and inform through their own videos which they show on the website and on their homepathic YOUTubeChannel.

The homeopathic  website is all of these things and she has taken advantage of web 2.0 with comment ability and the use of twitter, facebook and bebo to name a few.

We wish Theresa and Elena the very best in their venture and look forward to seeing new videos online!

For more details visit their website: www.irelandhomepathy.com

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