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Grease Traps for Kitchens

grease-trag-solutionsThe things we learn about in this business ah! Heres one of industries that most of us wouldn’t know about or even start to think there was such a trade. The removal of grease and sludge from commercial kitchens such as Hotels, Restaurants and any commercial food supplying business in now a must.

We were approached by one of our long existing clients to revamp their website and give them a fresh, new, content managed website allowing them to easily update it with the latest news and products that are happening in the industry.

Geraldine needed a professional looking site to portray the complexity of the business, it’s a mucky, messy business but also a very strict won, governed by many regulations and permits.

All of these permits Bio Grease Solutions have gained and earned with the knowledge they in this sticky business!

Services provided.

  • Domain Management
  • Website Design
  • Website hosting
  • Web Marketing


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