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Computer Services WexfordGlasgorman Computers in Gorey decided to revamp their static html style website into a fully content managed site to giveĀ  them more flexibility in updating the website and keeping it fresh. Being a computer hardware and networking consultancy type of business they understood that they could work on the website themselves as they work with computers etc. But opted to work with a company who specialise in that area, ourselves ! It’s this ethos that companies go for when choosing to use Glasgorman Computers, “get the guys who specialise in computers and networking etc.

Computer Networking

This can be as simple as Peer to Peer meaning from one pc to another, or Client Server Network meaning one central server that the clients pc log into and get the data from. Both are common in small office network structures, it can also mean having a LAN, local Area Network. In talking to John Timmons from Glasgorman Computers we learned that they have created all of these over the years and even WAN’s (Wide Area Networks) .

It was this abilility that grabbed our attention as they also have a sister company supplying broadband and its the marriage of these two capabilities that enable them to help companies link up office to office and pc to pc across roads etc. Situations where a companies own two factories on either side of the road and need the linked up. These are the guys to call.

Project Management

Another service John explained to us was the whole project management of computer hardware and he gave me a good example of how a local business in Gorey was opening up a new shop in the shopping centre and needed a new point of sale system, network, server, phone system, cctv and backup system. The owner needed to concentrate in setting up of the shop and get an expert in to advise and supervise the expansion project. Glasgorman Computers came in, worked with the shop owner and was able to do all the tech talk with the suppliers and companies installing the different systems.

Educated to all of their services we set about creating a website to suit their company profile and structure. Learning exactly what a client does is what I call website design, without knowing what someone really does how can we give them what they need!

Services Provided

  • Website Design
  • Domain Management
  • Web Hosting
  • Web Marketing
  • Link Building
  • Search Engine Submittion


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