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Will a Website help my Business?

This is one of those questions that I get asked all the time, usually it’s on a high stool sitting in the Taravie on a Friday night in courtown.! but it’s relevent to everyone in a recession. A website is not the answer to solving a businesses sales, but it will help if it’s used right. Remember a website is a tool, the more you use it the better you get with it and the more benefit you get out of it.

Search Engines are changing the way the index the web every day, they look for different things and its always a case of the goal posts are moving, that’s why I have to remind clients that a website will give you what you put into it.

Let’s look at why we provide our clients with content management systems, we do this because we recommend that in order to be able to update your website, its best to be able to do it yourself. Secondly because we believe this is what search engines like to see. They know that sites have the ability to be updated easily and we believe they now expect it.

If you have a website and you don’t update it, you are effectively telling the search engines that you couldn’t be bothered or you dont care and thus you dont care about the clients of the search engines. So Google for example we believe see’s websites like newspapers with the ability to be published every day.

Do you read the newspaper twice?

No, neither do we and neither does a search engine want to really. Remember search engines read your competitors websites each day too, so do they update their site, if so then a search engine might prefer their site as it’s got the latest information about a product or service it read about on another site somewhere else in the world.

~if this is all a bit too much for you, let Cada Media show you how we can help you keep on top of it all. Call Dave Jordan today onĀ  053 9430748

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