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Online Wedding Shop Takes Laser Cards.

Our great friends Michelle & Audrey from our online wedding shop called All About Weddings have finally taken the plunge and upgraded their website to now be fully accepting Irish Debit Cards called Laser Cards. The site also accepts the usual Visa, Master Cards.

While we were at it we created a brand new fully content managed website that will give the girls the ability to upload and amend all the sites content. The last time we gave them this type of functionality was for the shop part of the website just before St Pactricks Day a few years ago.

When we came back into the office following the bank holidays we saw thousands of products. They had stayed up all night for the long weekend and packed their on-line shelves !

The new redesigned site will now give the girls the ability to upload to a Gallery Section they requested to show off their bridal Bouquets and also to give them an area to have an online wedding fair. This business is no stranger to the lime light and they have been featured on TV & print media in Ireland.

To be honest. . . We love’m, they are interested in their products and this is evident in their passion for their industry. I wish all people in business could be like this.

I would like to wish them the very best in their new redesigned website and I hope they don’t stay up too late packing the order boxes as I hear there has been some late ones recently.

Services Provided

  • Website Redesign
  • Content Management
  • Ecommerce Integration
  • Hard Work !


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