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South East Business Networking

At Cada Media we get many requests to get involved in various new enterprises that spring up from time to time. This month we are helping new start up business of Ruairi Gough, a native of Dublin now living in the South East. Ruairi has spotted a gap in the marketing when it comes to business networking and has started a new speed networking event that will move from county to county on the east coast of Ireland and give an opportunity for people who are not members of existing networking organisations such as BNI or a local Chamber of Commerce a chance to get out there and promote their business in a speed networking enviroment.

We have created an easy to updated, search engine friendly web presence that he will be able to market and promote is new event. The site is small and precise and and will give the dates and times of the events as they move from county to county in the South East.

We would like to wish Ruairi the best of luck with the new venture.


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