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Unique Christmas Voucher Ideas?

Around this time of year we get asked what is the most popular website to buy from or what would be a unique items to buy on-line. Ironically people also wish it to be unusual or unique, something that isn’t in every stocking, well why not get a Christmas voucher for a Discover Scuba Diving Course.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Ok, these vouchers don’t have to be used on Stephen’s Day, but when its thawed out a bit more it would be a great way to get back outdoors and see a different side of Ireland.

Scubadive West in Connemara run Discover Scuba courses and they have a perfect sheltered cove  as you can see from this aerial photo of the Dive Centre here.

This shallow bay is where I learned to dive nearly 20 years ago and in fact I snorkeled there many times before I took the plunge and learned to use Scuba.

This Irish owned family business have generations of experience in teaching and without realizing it, you learn from Cillian or Breff in a very easy going approach. But in fact , it’s structured, methodical and safe.

A good teacher make all the difference and it doesn’t matter if you’re learning woodwork or learning how to use a breathing regulator in 5 foot of water, being able to understand someone giving you instructions easily makes learning all the bit easier.

6mm dry suits also help !

With good equipment that is maintained and updated each season the guys at Scubadive west know that having these high standards makes it a joy to be introduced to this unique sport. We really have no idea of the wonders that are just a matter of feet from the surface and when you dive in the sheltered cove for the first time you hear the murmur of excitement coming through the regulator as the others in the group all start to see the fish, star fish, crabs and the amount of life down there.

David Attenborough would be jealous of this!

Now I could start to go on about how the weightlessness of being under the water and feeling yourself move with the ebb and flow of the tide make you feel like one with nature, but that’s getting a bit to deep !

For a Christmas present that is unique and will put a smile on that persons face this year, I would highly recommend getting them a Discover Scuba voucher from these guys.



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