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Krystle Smith Website

We were happy to be approached by an Arklow based charity to help her get her website back after the domain name and hosting had expired. With over 13 years experience and contacts in the industry we were able to get everything within two weeks after been contacted. We managed to track down the previous domain name registrant, renew her domain name. Then move onto the website itself and get back the pages, images and then finally the database.

We did it !

With in a matter to 10 working days we had everything back online and up and running. If you find yourself in the same situation then we might be able to help you out too. But my advice for this customer was to make sure that then they get a renewal notice from the company taking care of the domain and hosting to make it top priority as often now a days, when their is no response the services are often removed and deleted!

We would like to wish Patricia and family the very best and continued success with the fundraising.


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