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Armstrong Interiors – Dublin

Armstrong Interior

Armstrong InteriorWe were happy to be asked by Sally Ann Armstrong to help her get her business on-line. This well established Dublin Interior design business has worked hard over the years to give her clients the layout they wish for their house, apartment  and commercial building.  We had previously secured the domain name www.armstronginteriors.ie for Sally and she had used it for a while and now it was time to go a step further and create the website itself.

Interior Design V’s Website Design

Over the years we have worked with Interior Designers and we know that they are sticklers to detail and they know what they want. So it was a great challenge to worth with another designer in terms of dealing with design concepts v’s real life use.  This is the very same as Sally’s work as she deals with real life uses of her designs and the also making her clients happy. She has to come up with a concept that will please both the client and the end users.

Giving the client what they want but also knowing that they are not actually designing for them but instead the end user. Web design is the exact same, we are making the website for Armstrong Interiors, but in actual fact we are creating it for her potential clients.

We hope that we have created a balance of both in this Joomla based website. Its a fully content managed site allow Sally to take control of her on-line brand and demonstrate her skills to the best of her capabilities.



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