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Roof Repairs in Dublin 6


I was recommended to a Dublin 6 based company who specialise in the maintenance of roofs. They had a website but it was a little bit dated in terms of the technology and how it could help them promote their business on-line. I called into them in Rathgar at their office and sat down and talked with the owner Robert Lewis.

A very well established with over 40 years experience in the industry and so they must be doing something right. So after the meeting with Robert I set about revamping the site and putting the new on-line marketing strategy into action. I did the usual things like redirecting the old pages to the new ones to the spiders re-index the new site etc and then started working with the admin department on gathering information about their services and products they offer.

They had got a website early on in business, but were not aware that the Internet has changed and that people now expect more from a website. It’s not just a place to find your telephone number, it should give you more details about the products and services and be of help to your users.

Roofing Contractors in Dublin 6

Google’s Algorithm too has grown up and is not content with a 5 pages website. They now look as so many aspects of the site to make sure it good enough to return as answer for a persons search phrase. So when I was in the content gathering phase of the website I really got to see that these guys are big and have been roofing contractors in Dublin for over 40 years.   Therefore I had to do them justice and work on a website that would give people the information they need when they are researching on-line about roof repair and dealing with leak and storm damage in the Dublin area.


I learned that Roofing Experts & Co provide a full a one-stop-shop for everything involved in roofs and the making, repairing and maintenance of them. I also learned that flat roofs have a shelf live and often it can be just over 10 years and after that the weather and elements can cause the materials to lose their effectiveness and that is when leaks start. I assumed that is was not a technical job, but rather a case of “splashing around the roof with some hot mops” but I count not have been as wrong.  The techniques involved have got a lot more complicated over the years it was explained to me and the materials have become very advanced in their application. Roofs are of course have been around for years, but due to the advances in the waterproofing membranes and the sealants used in their construction, roofs have advanced too and so Architects and Engineers are able to design roofs to withstand harsher and tougher workloads.

These guys deal with factory roofs, gutter repair, domestic roofs, flat roof, garage roofs, restoration work on Georgian building in many of Dublin’s famous squares such as Fitzwilliam square, Ely Place, Merrion square, Mount joy square, Parnell square etc. I always assumed that it was just domestic repairs that they dealt with but it was explained to me that they actually to new roof build for business and industrial building too.  So I advised them that it would be great if they had any “Thank you’s” or references that we could put them onto the website and let their customers explain about the work these guys have carried out over the years. They have loads of them and so they are now starting to upload them to the site and this area will grow as they scan in the thank you letters and upload them.

Roofers with Insurance !


Apparently this is a really big problem in the industry and many people will get a “company” to fix their roof and then there are further problems and when sh1t does hit the fan it turns out that the roofing contractor hadn’t got insurance and I was glad to see their insurance certificate on their old website and proudly displayed on the wall of their offices in Rathgar.

Being in business for over 40 years is about being able to stand the test of time and I really think that these guys are doing just that. They are keeping up to date with the methods and standards the industry requires and when i asked if they had any images  of some of the work they carried out over years they showed me their roofing photo album.

The take photos of all the work and are able to show a before and after for their work, they have hundreds of folders of photos. It was a web designers dream and it meant that I didn’t have to get up on the roofs and take the photos myself ! But it was also for them to work with Insurance companies and loss Assessors after their has been either storm damage or a leaking roof that is covered under a house insurance policy. I learn something new every day and I am enjoyed my time with these Roofing Experts.

Well done guy’s and gal’s.

Good Job



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