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Advertising in Wexford

Interesting to see the effects of snow in Wexford over the past few weeks and how everything was postponed or canceled and so the traditional advertising routes that businesses would take like newspapers and radio were effected. Hearing how newspaper advertising was down and radio the same. We heard a story today of a sales […]

Marketing in Wexford – Condt…

We were delighted to see that a marketing campaign by a local restaurant in Gorey has finally moved onto the net. Whilst driving down Esmonds Street in Lower Gorey we spotted a Billboard Advert for the restaurant and there it was . . .  Finally. . . . A website address. We spoke about this […]

Is your Marketing Campaign Working?

How can you tell beside from listening to see if the phone is ringing! Your site stats will give you great feed back into how many people are looking at the site: What page are they looking at? What search engine brought them to you? What Key phrase they used? What token the used if […]