Why get a website designer?

We had an interesting call today from a company in Wexford who were managing their website themselves. They had registered a domain about a year ago. Got web hosting from another company and then found a web developer who was able to create a small website . . and alls well. So now a year later this company are a little unhappy to say the least that they have got nothing from having a new …

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Recession and Credit Crunch in Ireland

We have noticed that a number a small business are starting to feel the the pinch as the recession in Ireland hits home to smaller businesses. We are actually seeing smaller business close and some are just closing their website down. Why? The trend is that sites that are not doing well are the ones that have very little content and therefore were not doing well in search engines and not doing well as a …

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How Much for a website?

How long is a piece of String is the answer, depending on what your business requirements depends on the website you need. a few questions to ask yourself Who will update it? Does it need to be updated? Who will answer the emails? How often will the check the emails? Do I need to do a web design course to update the site? What am I looking to get out of it? Why do I …

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Testimonials Page

If you are thinking of updating your website why not try adding a testimonials page to your site. While new website are popping up all the time, maybe it’s time to show your prospective customers that you have experience and expertise. The slow down in the Irish economy has meant many things and one we have noticed from our enquiries is that new clients are looking to show off their products and services more than …

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Top view of man hand holding pen writing with text CONTENT STRATEGY. Business concept.

Does Duplicate Content matter?

Does Duplicate Content matter? This is question that people should be asking themselves. We believe that it does matter as search engines read your content they are are the first ones to notice that you have taken/stolen web copy from another website. Google official line on this matter can be view here.

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