Marketing in Wexford – Condt…

Marketing in Wexford – Condt…

We were delighted to see that a marketing campaign by a local restaurant in Gorey has finally moved onto the net. Whilst driving down Esmonds Street in Lower Gorey we spotted a Billboard Advert for the restaurant and there it was . . .  Finally. . . . A website address.

We spoke about this before under Guerilla marketing Campaigns last month and how they had gone “old school” on their marketing strategy.

I even got a text message from them one night advertising their restaurant (god knows how they got my number and the issues that brings up with the Data Protection Act etc ) So i replied as only a website designer here in Wexofrd could and told them to get a website!

They did. ok, they never asked us to do it but hey its great to see people trying. It looks like a homemade job but at least its a start.

Best of Luck Apryl

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