Spam Filter Website

Spam Filter Website

We have been working for many years in the hosting industry and understand that nowadays people really don’t have the time or the money to spend on bandwidth or staff trudging through unsolicited spam emails.

97% of emails are spam!

Our system is not a new concept, but just an efficient one. We have looked around to find the best system to supply to our clients and also anybody else out there that needs email filtering.

Basically in a nut shell, most of the emails that travel around the world are spam, we all know them, they are the one requesting to re-input our bank details or ones selling viagra!

Why do people send spam?

Because people keep on answering the spam email and by replying to the spam (that was actually sent out by a drone computer) they are confirming their email address and will probably just get even more emails!

27% of people buy from Spam!

If you thought that a “flyer drop” brought in good response then you should look again and maybe becoming being a spammer. It is reported that 27% of people actually respond to the spam by buying their products. Scary or amazing . . either way it has a huge effect on our Internet Super Highway by clogging up our in-boxes and slowing down the Internet.

We have a great solution that will suit companies with 1 email address or 1,000 email addresses.

Prices start from as low as €25 per year.

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