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The guy who registered my domain is in Austrialia !

When you register your business domain name, please make sure to think about where and with whom you are registering your domain name. It is a vital part of your online identity and letting a neighbours kid register your domain often leads to problems.

In the past few months we have had clients come into us and say that they have even employed private detective to hunt down the person who has registered their domain on their behalf, but has left all the contact details as their own, rather than the company they are securing the domain name for.

So. . . Make sure that the company, be they your solicitor, accountant, printer, web designer, mates-dogs-cousins-friend, that they put in YOUR CONTACT details as the “Admin C” contact.

If this is not the case then the domain can expire and you will not be notified as you wont get an email telling you it’s due for renewal.

The Wrong Admin Contact Details

This sometimes happens with larger companies as they are registering hundreds a week, and in the bulk registration process the ownership details could get the default contact details of the person who has registered the domain name.

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