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Good web copy / Sitemaps / Landing page?

Create search engine friendly content, gone are the days of inserting paragraphs of keywords to fool search engines into thinking the content o fhtat page was abut that topic.

Now they know the difference and will in fact penalise you for doing so (told ye!)

Write for people, knowing that search engines will be reading but remember to keep your keyword dessity to about 2%. If you are using the word too often in a sentence their algorythm will notice that you are writing crap just for them!

Don’t use flash, Google is still not good at reading text on an image, if you are inserting images then make sure to use “Alt Tags” on your images.

One of the essential items on the webiste is a sitemap, make sure you have one for search engines and for people to help them navigate around your site.

Another trend is to create what we call a

Landing page

This is where you create a page in a particular section of your site so that your key phrase will be pushed the most in that area. Think of it like creating a mini site for that topic. Don’t try to crap all your keywords onto one page.

Use you head, make sections and categories and then put the phrases into these. Search Engines want to help you index your site and its pages but if you have too much information on one page then it won’t know how to index you and how to list you in it’s listings.

One topic per page, Google for instance does prefer to have one topic per page, this way it can index you easily. If a web designer is charging per page thell them to feck off, they are trying to exploit this fact. It makes sense to split up your information and your readers will appreciate it too.

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