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Internet Explorer V8

Not to be outdone, Microsoft have realised their lastest Beta version of Internet explorer for testing. Version 8 is available to download from the following link


With Many new featurs such as the “In private” tool, This version allows you to browse the net and it will not record your pages viewed in the history folder, great for Internet Cafe’s , not so great for employers with out a firewall to keep out dodgy sites from surfer happy employees.

They also have a backward compatability feature to allow you to view websites that have been developed for previous versions of Inetnet Explorer. We would recommend that our clients update their browsers to allow them to gain the best experience of viewing the Internet and online content. Version 5 of Internet explorer is not supported by Microsoft anymore. They will not answer any questions regards its use or support for example!

We are testing this browser at the moment too and will let you know our results. If you have any comments or suggestions please let us know.

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