Servers Down Tonight

Remember our Servers are being upgraded tonight so your emails will be queued until afterwards…see below Copy of Our Newletter that went out to all our clients: Hi Folks, Dave Jordan here from Cada Media Ltd, I am getting in touch to let you know more about the server upgrade I have mentioned on our company news blog. Over the past number of weeks we have been working on installing a brand new web hosting …

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Eircom Customer Support

Just off the phone with Eircom after a new client came in and asked could we take over their domain name registration and their web hosting. I called 1800 203 204 then option 2 then option 2 again and then 1 but they now have another option that let me on a merry journey that stole an hour of my life I will never see again. Grr “What’s a domain name? Oh You mean a …

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Email Spam on the increase

We have noticed an increase in the volume of spam email coming into our mail server and especially from Polish and Russian origins. There are many ways of keeping out spam email from your inbox: 1, Remove links on website with your email, these spammers “harvest” email addresses they find on websites 2, Insert your email in another format, example dave[at]cadamedia dot ie 3, Update your Email program, ie Outlook Express, Thunderbird, etc. They have …

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Internet Explorer V8

Not to be outdone, Microsoft have realised their lastest Beta version of Internet explorer for testing. Version 8 is available to download from the following link With Many new featurs such as the “In private” tool, This version allows you to browse the net and it will not record your pages viewed in the history folder, great for Internet Cafe’s , not so great for employers with out a firewall to keep out dodgy …

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Good Website Content

From time to time we have had situations whereby clients find it difficult to come up with good web copy for their websites. Maybe they don’t have the staff or the time to write the text and come up with the correct manner in which to present their business in a professional way. One of our clients offers this service “Spell Check Editorial” Their website can be found at the following link

Support Packages For Online Business

We Offer A Variety of Support Packages to Online Businesses It is important to manage your website well and frequently and to do so requires something that so few of us have in this busy day and age and that is … Time!” Our support packages enable you to rest assured that your online business is being updated and optimised to avail of latest marketing technologies to help your search engine position and attract your …

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Free Video Editing Tools

With the ongoing popularity of online video sharing it is no surprise that there are many free video editing programmes available online to hone your movie making skills and create interesting videos that people will watch – Let’s face it , there’s usually only a small percentage of interesting footage in an average video. Creating videos is a useful way to market your business online. Some useful Links for video editing downloads include: Jumpcut AVS …

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Tech Check – Wexford County Enterprise Board

What is Tech-Check? Tech-Check is a new programme where small businesses can access independent expert advice on the most effective use of their existing technology as well as practical suggestions for appropriate development of technology use in their businesses. Is this just about computers? No. It is primarily about your business and how it can be improved using all sorts of technology. Computers are important of course but so are other kinds of information technology. …

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Annual Support Packs V’s Annual Renewal Fees

There are annual support packages that you can get from your web company and there are annual renewal fees, so what’s the difference? Annual Support Packages These can be support contract agreements between two companies whereby one company agrees to manage and update a website for a business. These ammendments can be small text and images changes to telephone support for email questions and spam questions etc. Support Packs can also be in the form …

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