Month: October 2008

Happy Halloween !

We would like to wish all our clients a Happy Halloween and a great weekend.

Website Design Basic Rules

Website Design Rules There are so many myths and ideas that are floated around the net these days and we have heard most of them. Multi Media students are always over loading site with heavy flash or fecking intro pages that take a few seconds to download and when there are ready you just have another button to click on to actually get into the website so now I’m just going to name a few …

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Is your Marketing Campaign Working?

How can you tell beside from listening to see if the phone is ringing! Your site stats will give you great feed back into how many people are looking at the site: What page are they looking at? What search engine brought them to you? What Key phrase they used? What token the used if you have an ecommerce site? How long they looked at each page? What country they are from What region they …

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October Bank Holiday

I know I shouldn’t be here but the phones are quiet and I can get some work done, Promise I won’t stay long. Have a great Bank Holiday !

Pc Repair Shop in Gorey – New!

[Update – March 2012, They have moved and are on the upper main street] [Update – Feb 2010, They have moved and are near the market square]   Out and about on our 3.15pm compulsory staff break today and we spotted a new computer repair shop just opened by one of our old friend who used to work in a local mobile phone shop for the past few years. Marius or Mario if you can’t …

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Advertise for Christmas Now!

Start your online Advertising Campaign for Christmas Now? Yes! I know it might sound a bit mad but yes, definately it’s that time. The end of October is the right time to get geared up for Christmas especially if you operate an online shop. As many of you know your online sales during this period will jump many fold and its a case of rolling up your sleves and getting stuck in to fullfil those …

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What is Content Management in websites?

What are Content Management Systems? A Content Management System is a program/software installed on your website that allows you to access and update your site through your Internet browser. You can add content from anywhere in the world. There is no need of any prior content management experience and you do not need to understand <HTML> code. Content Management can be used to manage simple business brochure style website, portal or directory and also an …

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How do I get to Number 1 in Google?

I was reminded this morning of how common this question is . Many of our inquiries always say they “want to be No 1 in Google” but don’t have an idea how to get there. I talk about search engine optimisation SEO (this goes over 99% of peoples heads) but really i am talking about getting a natural listing in Google listings. I have to remind people that this is 2 tasks, 1 getting a …

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I was browsing the Sunday Business Post and saw an advert for this website. The ad was catchy and described the site very well. A little further reading dragged me off the couch and onto the laptop. There I started reading what this Dublin based business is doing and even better who they are! A business started up by an old employer of mine in Dublin from my SGML and Publishing days! These guys … Read More »

Content Managed Websites – Pros and Cons

We have a number of requests to get a content managed system (C.M.S). This is a website whereby the client is able to log in and update and write content, new pages on their own website. Thus keeping it up to date and fresh. This is now becoming the standard style of website that businesses today. CMS websites are great idea, but a few things must be taken into consideration when you are looking into …

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IIA Pick up on our News !!!

We are delighted that the Irish Internet Association picked up our blog about the new Vat Rates in Ireland and it’s inportance to the online sales in Ireland. As we mentioned in an early post this month, the sales in Ireland are strong and growing each day We were supprised to see ourselves No 1 in Google yesterday for “New Vat Rates” search. I’m sure it will change each day, but hey it’s great to …

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Social Networking Websites and Wexford

I decided to pop down to Wexford town to attend a presentation put on by the Irish Internet Association and Wexford County Enterprise Board. These type of event are run all the time in every county around Ireland and it a great opportunity for business owners and managers to take a day off !! No. No. Many people think this, but in fact to see the response and the questions from the floor, these type …

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New VAT Rates – Budget 2008 Announced

We Would like to advice our clients with online shops to make sure they are aware of the new VAT rates announced today. The higher rates must be reflected on your websites. The upper VAT rate is moving from 21%  to  21.5% effective from the 1st December 2008. The 13.5% rate will remain the same. These changes can be make in your back-end administration system to change to VAT rates when selling online. Call us …

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We are proud to annouce the launch of a new portal for searching and advertising positions in and around the home. Jobs from baby sitting to carpenters. This site is a full content managed website that allows the users to upload their adverts to the site, then pay online and start advertising their servers straight away. The site is available on We would like to wish Carmel and team the best of luck with … Launched Read More »

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