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Everyone has a website but doesn’t know what to do with it!

10 Tips to Marketing your business.

More and more these days we are getting inquiries about how people want to get their website out there and noticed. We have written a number of articles about marketing your website and marketing plans that people have run to promote their business online.

So I think its time to give the general business owner or new admin staff who are googling on their behalf a few tips on what they should be looking into:

  1. Newsletters
  2. Pay Per Click Advertising
  3. Reciprocal Links
  4. Forums Posting
    1. Find your audience on Boards.ie
  5. Social Networking
  6. Directory Submissions
  7. Search Engine Optimisation SEO
  8. Link Popularity
  9. Article Submissions
    1. Write articles about your products on EzineArticles.com
  10. Call us !

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