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We have mentioned about google changing its algorithm over 450 times last year and having over 200 criteria for their page rank but now it seems that from early 2009 they will be pushing for Geo-Targeting search results, meaning that depending on where you are it will display different results. We have carried our a few simultaneous searches in our Wexford offices here and our Dublin office as well as a colleague in the Uk and found that we all have got different results depending on our location.

Great you say  . . .  but what has this got to do with me and my website. Well you must now starting taking this into consideration when writing your website content. Google is starting to look at wheat searches you are carrying out and is return results to suit you. This will happen even if you have a google account or not. They are looking at search trends and what an IP address for instance looks for.

This means that page rank could be a thing of the past as they change the way they look upon information around the world and how they index it.

We are predicting that people will start seeing their website jumpin Google’s listings from early 2009.

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