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Credit Crunch comes to town !

The Credit Crunch has come to town and in our terms it means that from January 09 we will no longer be offering credit to new clients. We don’t offer credit as it is, but many businesses are new to the internet and “assume” that thye can gain 30, 60 or 90 days credit. This is not the case.

As per our terms and conditions of doing business with ourselves we take a part payment before we start work on a project and then the final payment once the website is launched. (that means online by the way !)

So Please don’t feel bad if we deny credit, please go to one of our clients as they may be able to facilitate you.


To finalise, we will be closing all outstanding websites with outstanding balances from invoices issued in 2008. This means that your website or email or domain will no longer be available from the end of January if you have an account in arrears.

If an account is switched and then later gets paid there will be an administration fee to get your account reactivated.

Be Warned . .

Accounts Dept
Cada Media Ltd

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