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Is blogging Dead?

So after a 5 year break to get married and have two amazing children, I finally get to sit down and look at my blog ! I thought that during the COVID Pandemic I would have got time, but alas “Online” took off and hasn’t stopped in demand or inquiries. Anyone who ever thought about really getting their business online is now taking this medium of communications and commerce very seriously. Finally !!!! So with …

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Telephone Mailbox Full

I just wanted to let the public know that due a sudden increase in inquiries over the past 2 weeks that our telephone system in the office has been blocked and no new messages have been allowed to be recorded. We have cleared the messages and within a day or two they are full again. We will endeavour to keep the lines clear as much as possible during this busy time and also don’t forget that you can …

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Geting Your Business Online Workshop

This is great to see. So many enterprise boards around Ireland pushing to get businesses online. It’s astonishing how few businesses still dont have a website or a website presence. If you are in the market for a website then why not get a FREE one from the website listed or by making an appointment with these guys and take part in their workshop. Attend a 1/2 day workshop and learn how to create your own website …

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Web Strategy by Cada Media Ltd

This morning at a business networking meeting in Gorey, Co. Wexford I was delighted to receive a testimonial from a long-time customer of ours for work we recently completed on her website and helping to get more out of the Internet by using Cloud Computing. Spell Check Editorial Services. Deirdre O’Flynn heads up this content writing business here in the South East and she has many years experience in writing Annual Reports, Brochures and of …

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Friday the 13th Computer problems

For those of you worried about today’s date and having issues with your technology please remember that today in not the same as the millenium bug issues we had 11 years ago. There are simple and practical solutions to avoiding major computer problems today. The good people at have given a nice graph to help with the probability and the solutions for fixing issues that arise with computing technology today. Enjoy Friday the …

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Getting Irish businesses Online Campaign

Great to see Fine Gael and media partners putting into effect their promise about getting Ireland to be a digital hub of Europe.  They are working on this campaign to get Irish businesses to register a domain name and set up a small website and get the site live in 24 hours. Fro details see the Google Video below.

Wicklow Leader now Wicklow Partnership!

Well this isn’t strictly correct as they have been amalgamated with two other bodies for a while now, but as of from today the website is now switched over. That is is now pointing to Ok , not so exciting as you think, but hey this is what we do and its important to get it right ! Anyway, We have been working on the new site for a while now and we recommended to the guys …

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Benefits of an online shop

In a meeting today I was demonstrating an online shop to a business and showing them how the administration panel would look like and then potential customer noticed that there were 318 customers on the site at the one time as the system shows us the number of users online. How many people fit into your shop? Then the potential customer realised that with an online shop you are not restricted to the amount of …

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Printers love web designers!

Only two minutes after writing the last blog post the phone rings and its a client who set up a website with us last year and we registered a domain name for them. The reminder renewal was sent out on the first of March 2011. It has since expired and their domain name was bought by another company. What about our Stationary? I know, they now have to reprint all their stationary as otherwise they …

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Sending out Reminder Notices?

I would just like to reminder our own customers, that when you receive a renewal invoice for our services including: Spam Filtering Domain Names Web Hosting Web Marketing Maintenance Support Priority Support Please remember that as this is the Notice of Reminder for the services we provide you. The invoice would be an annual fee that you have accounted for as a recurring costs to running the business. I would suggest making it a priority …

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Spring clean your website?

One of the questions we get asked about this time of year is to give websites a spring clean and to freshen them up. Yes, it can be done, but usually a question I have to ask is what would they like. Websites are not just brochures for the business, they are a piece working marketing software crawling the Internet promoting your business, or at least they can be if you make them that way. …

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Building your online Reputation?

This is a question we get asked all the time, telephone calls come into the office asking how a business get get higher in Google or how they can come up for various searches. Well the answer is not simple, but following a few simple step can help. Start off by  . . Keeping your domain name registered. Sounds simple but often is neglected and put on the long finger as its only a few …

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Server Upgrade Today!

Hi folks, Quick notice that at 13:30 today the server will be down for 15 minutes while we carry out an upgrade. It will be back on-line when the installation is complete. Apologies for late notice, but this is a necessary upgrade for all concerned. More details once it is completed .

Facebook Live Updates!

Anyone see the new feature on Facebook whereby they are updating the comments live on the page without the refresh the page. I was having a chat with a web designer in Leitrim called Leon Quinn when the comments were popping up live. Another demonstration that websites are living and breathing animals that are always changing and adapting. Instant Updates. These are all the trend these days as people are growing up in a instant …

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Pc Repair in Gorey

We saw a sign in Gorey recently for a new Pc Repair service in Gorey and called in to say hello. They based up above street level beside Wreckless Skate Shop, over what was Pooles, or the Bank or Katie Daly’s as its know now depending how old you are! The pc repair centre is also involved in Pc Sales and Servicing as well as mobile phones and laptop repair. For more details see …

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