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Someone has taken my website?

Someone is advertising on my website?

These are all everyday questions we hear these days as many companies are cutting back on their costs for running their businesses and choosing to maybe not renew their website address.

But I bought the domain name. . . . .

This too is often heard as companies wonder how someone has the audacity to buy the domain they already own. The Internet is not like “land” or “Property” you don’t own a domain name for ever, you register it for a period of time, usually one year at a time. Your web design company should contact you each year and let you know that it is up for “Renewal“. This means that the years registrations fees will be paid and your website address will be kept in your name.

What if you don’t renew or you forget to renew it?

Well the sad truth about is that it will probably be registered by another company within a few days if not the next day.  We have heard about 5 stories in the past week of companies who have forgotten for renew their domain name and that their website address is now registered to another company.

What does loosing a domain name really mean?

Here are a few things to consider about loosing your domain name.

  1. Change your Headed Paper
  2. Change your Business cards
  3. Change your Compliments Slips
  4. Change your Advertising signage
  5. Change your Vehicle signage
  6. Change your Email addresses
  7. Change your Answering Machines messages
  8. Change your Logo
  9. Change all links pointing to your website
  10. Get a New Website Designed
  11. Ask Golden Pages to take back every book and change your advert?
  12. Ask Google not to show the old website address?
  13. Start your link building campaign again.
  14. Basically start your business from scratch!

And all of this because you are trying to save a few Euro, Well in fact as you can see from the above list you are actually deciding to spend thousands.

So why am I telling you all of this, basically to try to help companies understand the importance of their website to their business. Building a successful business in a recession is all about being smart. Be Smart with your money, your work hard for it, spend it wisely.

For more informatin about Renewing your Domain Names, Contact Dave Jordan today on 053-9430748

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