How to keep my website fresh?

This is a common issues with websites, trying to keep them fresh, you can look at the following

  1. Read your website and each page to see if it makes sense to you as , a newbie or as an experienced user looking for information. Do you cater for both
  2. Make sure you have good meta tags on every page, the description and keywords match each page.
  3. Look at your competitors sites and see if they have something you may have overlooked.
  4. Check other search engines to see how you rank try and search for your products and services there for example if you cater for the UK market.
  5. Are you linked from enough sites, are their suppliers who should have a link to you? Link building is very important, get all of them to link to you.
  6. Start a Social Media Networking campaign, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter etc for your business
  7. Get involved in posting articles on forums say on etc

This is just a sample of how you can keep your site and information online about your business fresh for more call Dave Jordan on 053 9430748

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