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UK Company Ringing our Clients about being “No 1 in Google”

We have had a number of clients call complaining that they are being harassed by a UK company telling them that for a small amount each week they can get on top of google. This UK company have NO affiliation with Google and are not calling on their behalf.

YES, you can, but you must pay Google.

Google adwords is a system that you “Pay Per Click” to be listed at the top of their listing. You Pay Google. This can be set up yourself and you spend any amount you wish or you can get it managed by a company you know.

Do Not Give them Your VISA card details.

We have had more say they are doing the hard sell and in hard times people can fall victom to these methods of selling and the promise of more hits and more sales. I would stress that if anyone has any questions about using google adwords and paying for click adverting then call myself dave jordan on 053 9430748 for a free consultation.

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