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How to grow a business in a recession?

This is one of those new fashionable questions that gets whispered in business meeting all over Wexford at the moment, No one wanting to say the “R” word for fear of letting others know that they are in trouble and in fact up the creek and even the paddle is for sale on eBay!

Well, being a business that is used to change, the Internet has taught us a few good lessons.

  • Be flexible
  • Be willing to change
  • Be positive
  • Be realistic
  • Be prepared

Many businesses that do not allow for the above so they should look at downsizing or even selling. A business that does not adapt or change will not survive. Business is all about change and moving with the times. Ok, now the times are moving fast and so you should be too.  Be a leader in your field of expertise, Strive to move your industry forward.

Not able to Change?

In some circumstances we see businesses unwilling to adapt or change and so their sales are decreasing no matter how many flyer drops they do to houses. Businesses have to examine their products and services and ask why sales are down. Don’t just say “Ah, things are bad at the moment”. Look at your products and services and see what unique factor that you have that makes you stand out from the others in your area. Enhance them and grow these to give you an edge in the market.

The Internet brings this out to a great extent. It move fast and you have to be dynamic and change. We get inquiries all the time asking to build websites and mainly asking to be No 1 in google too. So my questions usually point the customer to giving us a unique selling point for their service. If we don’t then we are simply adding to the clutter ( 4 Trillion plus pages) already on-line.


This is a keyword on-line, many websites that sell or offer a unique service profit more. Being plain Jane on-line get you little reward. People expect more these days, they are used to browsing sites that are plain brochure ware. My two nieces were visiting last week and I watched as they sat on the stairs, started up their Nintendo DS’s and then proceeded to network the two devices and play a shared game. They are 5 and 6 years old. Image their expectations of technology in 10 years time. The Internet will be a very different place for them. We must plan for future proofing our businesses.

How can a website help my Business?

The use of the Internet as a marketing tool can deliver your message cheaper, fast, further than other Media ever dreamed of. Just because you don’t know the in’s and out’s of Websites, Web Servers, Web Hosting, Emails, Newsletters and Video doesn’t mean that your audience who wants your products or services doesn’t . I am guessing they do and how do i know.

Stats, website stats and web trends tell us what people are looking for on-line. We have watched over the past ten years how businesses who adapted the technology early on are reaping the rewards, whilst other are only now thinking  . . hmm maybe a website might help sales.

If that is you, then the good news is . . . . It’s not too late,¬† the Web Train hasn’t left town yet. Jump on-board now and starting allowing customers come to you via a website. Many business in Wexford still have no website or even can be found on-line so your not the last. I’d say only about 18% or less have a website.

So invest in your business today and call Dave Jordan and Team at Cada Media Ltd and see how we can help pull you out of the gloom and doom of “R” word.

Tel: 053- 9430748

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