Bing gets 10% of market share?

I wonder how true this is for irish surfers. If you have moved to searching the internet and using bing, ping me back and let me know.

Would be interested to see how many people out there in Ireland are using it on a daily basis?

3 thoughts on “Bing gets 10% of market share?”

  1. I estimate that Google have 87%+ of the search engine marketing in Ireland. Even though many users still use Eircom has their homepage, its search is still run via Google.

  2. I need to find a reliable source for search engine market share in Ireland. So between Google, Bing and Yahoo!, how much of the pie do each own. Can anybody help with this?

  3. Hi Kirstin,

    We would have that type on information on our servers with the webistes that we have hosted for the past 10 years. looking after our clients and their search results leaves a huge data trail of data about which search engines are being used the most and for what type of keywords etc.

    You are right in thinking that and are the most commonly used ones in Ireland and after that the others have a fraction of the market.

    More info is available on request, supplied with a purchase order!

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