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Broadband in Courtown Area

We’ve had a number of inquiries about broadband in the Courtown area, there are a number of providers our there including Regional Broaband, 3 Mobile, Eircom and Alpha Broadband. All have different price ranges and different coverage areas and different terms and conditions.

  • Eircom might suit if you already have an existing telephone line and are in the middle of a built up area, then you are just paying for the addition of broadband to the existing line rental of €24 a month, so with a basic package for example you would now be paying €50 per month.
  • 3 Broadband, this is the gadget that you plug into your laptop or pc, signal travels through the air and can be blocked by older building that have thick walls etc, it is fine for basic stuff. Heard of a few people standing on their landings trying to get coverage with the laptop on the window sill. Costs are about €20 a month with a contract for 18 months, or you can pay as you go and use it for 1 day, 1 week etc. Don’t know anyone who has taken that up around here.
  • Regional Broadband are a wireless business, that means they transmit their signal via small dish attached to the house pointing to their nearest transmitter. They have several packages starting from €24 euro per month with no fixed line costs, but remember that means the speed of the broadband could be a 1 meg line. So dont expect to use it for on-line gaming or several family members on-line at the one time as it be be too slow. Coverage depends on “line of sight” to their antenna’s around the North Wexford area.
  • Broadband in CourtownAlpha Broadband, a local company based in Courtown, with their transmitters placed at various high point around the North of County Wexford. They too are a wireless broadband company specialising in the local area. You don’t have to have a telephone line to get their service. They call out to your house, do a site survey, usually get up a ladder and test the signal strength of their system to your location. If it’s ok they can install their little receiver box (about the size of a shoe!)

Then they bring the cable back down into the house and then they would advice you on how you want to use it around the house, either by plugging it directly into a pc or plugging it into a “router” as pictured above that then you can transmit the broadband around the house to be used on you mobile or by several users.

They currently don’t over a basic package, as I can understand a little bit as many people would probably upgrade to their the better package after some time anyways.

We use their service at home in ballycanew and it works perfectly for surfing, voip calls, can even view the remote CCTV cameras using it. Broadband isn’t just about Bebo, you can use it for all types of purposes.

Choosing a broadband business to use it about choosing a service that will suit your needs, as always jumping at the cheapest option isn’t always the best plan in the long run, evaluate them all.

Our Recommendation for Broadband in Courtown is Alpha Broadband Ltd call them on 053-9485360

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