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Recession in wexford . . continued

The Internet has an interesting factor that there are Stats available on each site allowing businesses to see the number of visitors arriving on your site from various search engines and also from direct adverting of the web address. We have site stats going back for various businesses going back to 1999. 

Google Alerts, is another interesting feature allowing you to ask Google to let you know when a search term is requested. Why would this help you… because knowledge is everything, we ar ein the information age, know stats allows you to decide if a product or service is being searched for, maybe even save you the hassle of setting up a business if it’s not or no signs of being something of interest to others.

Beat the recession by arming yourself with the knowledge to be able to plan your business better, plan your services to suit the current market. We are seeing many large businesses fall as they are not able to adjust and are not utilizing the Internet to their advantage.

Online payment systemsare an area that is gaining huge growth in Ireland at the moment, more and more people and businesses are using the Internet to pay bills, send invoices, buy on-line and get money moving faster around the economy. We ourselves are working on a number of new websites with one thing in common, they will all be able to take money directly from the user, safely and securely, there and then. No messing around with cheques and clearing time in bank, no messing around with it’s in the post statements from admin people, No we only issue payment on the first Tuesday of each month.

Real business in real time, money when you need it. Take the time to evaluate your own business and see if ecommerce and the Internet can help your business. Call myself Dave Jordan to see if we can advice you on how to beat the shit out of this recession and grow your business.

Tel: 053 9430748

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