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Buyer Beware on RTE

Charity Calendars

Watching Buyer Beware on RTE tonight and interested to see that companies are still using these traditional forms of advertising to promote their businesses, but also saddened to see that companies are exploiting those one who still are. Not every one doing charity calendars, but one company especially who has taken peoples money for advertising space and it turns out that the company are dodgy and the customer has got zero return for investment for the advertising spend they used. I could go on about how there are always more ads than actual practical space for the calender dates and that you can’t use it.


No matter what industry you are in you have to be aware that there are companies out there who will rip you off when it comes to advertising or even getting listed on a web directory for example. Our area of expertise is the Internet. We get many calls all the time from concerned companies who have received an invoice for getting listed in the world web directory or World business Register

€995 per year, 3 year listing!

And its a contract that the company would have signed making them agree to pay €995 per year to get their website listed in some obscure European directory that will bring them in no business. Is it a scam? Well in theory they are offering a service, but i personally think its a scam. In fact we write about it regularly, as we hear so many complaints from companies not under standing if it is the renewal notice for their domain name or from the irish domain registry etc. The program researches for Buyer Beware called our office when they were researching an item about these online scams and we were able to discuss that issue and let them know how were were trying to combat against these online scams.

If you are truly interesting in promoting your business I have to recommend using the latest form of marketing . . . . The Internet. We at Cada Media Ltd are a well established website design and web marketing company based in Gorey and supplying our services and expertise nationwide for the past 10 years. Give myself Dave Jordan a call of you would like to start a campaign to get you company or business noticed.

Well done to the producers of Buyer Beware for promoting this scam.

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