Bank of Ireland Fake Emails

Bank of Ireland ~ Fake Emails

I just received an email from Bank of Ireland saying that they have temporally limited my account with a link on it to suggest that I follow the steps. Firstly, I’m not with Bank of Ireland so I deleted it ASAP. But before I did I did a bit of research on the email and its coding first. Interesting. Its look authentic at first in the headers but then when you get into the nuts and …

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Online shops targeted by hackers

We’ve been very quiet of late and keeping our heads down and working on new sites, but we have noticed on the stats of many websites that there are attempts by robots to try to gain access to files on website that are relating to online shops and people selling their services online. In your Stats look out for: /refund_policy /moneyback.request.php /refundform.php Look for these in the 404 pages as their has been a huge increase …

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ICS Monitoring Team Email

We noticed today that we recieved an email for the the ICS monitoring Team threatening to cut of internet access. This is spam email delete it. The email looks like this: Warning: This message has had one or more attachments removed Warning: (report.exe, Warning: Please read the “cadamedia-Attachment-Warning.txt” attachment(s) for more information. Your internet access is going to get suspended The Internet Service Provider Consorcium was made to protect the rights of software authors, …

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Spam Server Upgrade – Firewall Rules

Just to let our spam filtering clients know that next week we are upgrading our servers again, (yes i know a pain in the ass but hey it’s for your benefit!) These new servers will mean new IP addresses and so we are informing you that you can update your firewall rules with the following IP addresses for our servers. To do this you need to block all SMTP transactions from outside the following: Filter …

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Internet Register Ireland Letter

These are the types of letters many businesses understand to be about the renewal of their domain in Ireland, where as really they are an invitation to be listed on an Internet directory for Ireland for a cost of €958 per annum for a 3 year contract. I suggest throwing it away, it’s rubbish, they are just opportunists and trying to get you to send them money thinking its your domain name renewal.

Truvo selling advertising?

It looks like that Truvo Ireland are the latest company finding that other business are approaching their clients and requesting that they spend their advertising budget with them. A few weeks ago we had UK companies calling our clients leading the client to believe they were Google. Many believed it and signed up to a Google adword campaign and paying over £150 per month on pay per click advertising worth only 20 euro a month. …

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You have just received a virtual postcard from a friend !

You have just received a virtual postcard from a friend ! Spam Virus Do Not Open the link on this email Unless every person I  know has a friend suddenly sending them postcards from the edge ( of reason) I would strongly advise NOT to open or click on the link in the above email subject titled: You have just received a virtual postcard from a friend ! it could be a recently warned against …

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Scam emails – DHL Express Services

One of my clients email in this morning wondering if we could unlock this email is was due in. this is a scam bullshit email and I simply replied, spam / scam …delete it. I suggest you yo the same, unless you are actually expecting a delivery, if so they would not send you a .exe program through the net, its an attached virus! DELETE IT. *************************** From: DHL Service [mailto:clients email address was here] …

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Buyer Beware on RTE

Charity Calendars Watching Buyer Beware on RTE tonight and interested to see that companies are still using these traditional forms of advertising to promote their businesses, but also saddened to see that companies are exploiting those one who still are. Not every one doing charity calendars, but one company especially who has taken peoples money for advertising space and it turns out that the company are dodgy and the customer has got zero return for …

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You PAC has been Locked. – Dodgy Email?

If you receive an email like the following Delete it. It is a Scam. We have had two clients in the past 4 days, nearly following through with it. Either call your bank to confirm or call us 053 9430748. Banks do not work in their manner and please just delete it. ***************** Dear Client, We regret to inform you that your Personal Access Code (PAC) has been locked. This measure was taken because of …

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Hi Folks, If anyone rec eives an email as below. Delete it, it is not from ourselves. ***********************Start********************************* Dear Subscriber, Due to spam complaints of users in our webmail system and we have observed that your email account is being compromised. So, our investigation shows that your email address is compromised and is used to send out spam message in our webmail system. As a result, our network engineer will be conducting a maintenance in …


Business Registration 2009/2010

Warning All Businesses in Ireland. ************************ Delete this email if you receive it, to not answer, just delete, it is a scam ************************ Dear Madam/Sir, In order to have your company inserted into the registry of Worldwide Business Guide for 2009/2010, please print, complete and return the enclosed form (PDF file) to the following address: Worldwide Business Guide (WWBIZG) Apartado 3054, 29649, Sitio de Calahonda, Mijas Costa, Málaga, España. Or Fax to:  + 34 952 …

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World Business Guide Renewal 2009/2010

Delete this Email is you receive it, Its the usual rubbish from the european business Guide.   From – Fri Jul 10 09:35:00 2009 Return-path: Envelope-to: Date: Thu, 9 Jul 2009 19:10:06 +0200 Errors-To: To: From: World Business Registrar Reply-to: Subject: Business Registration 2009/2010  Ladies and Gentlemen.  In order to have your company inserted in the registry of World Businesses for 2009/2010 edition, please print, complete and submit the …

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Domain Renewal Group

If you have received a letter in the post from an American company looking to “renew” your domain name watch out. You may be putting your business of danger of either looking your domain name or loosing out on downtime as what you would actually be agreeing to is moving your domain to another registrar. An example below is a letter a client received during the wee and they correctly telephoned us to see what …

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