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Hosting 365 loosing ICANN Accreditation?

hosting365-loose-icann-statWe have had a number of anxious calls to the office from around the southeast after hearing a rumor that an Irish Internet business might loose it’s domains names!

Hosting 365 seems to have lost it ICANN registration status as their “account was put on hold”

Well we would just like to let our clients know that we have your domain names secure with another company.

We are not currently using hosting365 services.

Basically as far as we can work out their account with ICANN (the main authority who register International domain) was put on hold, this may have meant that they can not renew domain or register any new ones. Again, we are not using them so I can not confirm.

All our Clients domains are safe.

Maybe it’s a sign that the recession in Ireland is finally hitting the tech sector too, after being able to hold it off for so long its looks like even the big boys are feeling the squeeze. Small tech businesses like ours have smaller overheads and can take a small hit (yes i said small hit!)when one of our clients disappears, but it seems from the ICANN statement that they have been put “on hold

If you are worried that you might loose your domain name or might not be able to renew your current domain, just give us at a call at Cada Media Ltd and we’ll have a look at how we can help.

Tel: 053 9430748

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