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How long does it take to setup a website?

This is one of those questions we don’t get asked but think we should!

Setting up a website

This can be a “next day” delivery if you wish to have a “one page” website or it could be 3 months time if you wish to have an application developed and created for you.  There are many factors that people may not have realised that need to be considered. Heres a few questions we need to ask you:

  • Have you registered the company yet?
  • Have you registered the domain yet?
  • Have you got the hosting setup?
  • Have you got the content ready?
  • Have you got the site text ready?
  • Have you got the images ready?
  • Have you got the logo designed yet?
  • Do you know what you need?
  • Are you just shopping for prices!
  • Are you still reading this?

As you can see that is just the basics, we need to know much much more, but these are some of the first questions we must ask clients when they come into the office.

We had a call last week looking for a full content managed online shop for Christmas this year! Totally out of the questions, firstly because it takes at least 15 days to get an online merchant ID from the processing bank, be it Bank of Ireland or Evalon. Then once we have that we must set up the website and test it.

Then the shop must have it virtual online shelves packed, whos doing that? usually the client does that during the training we carry out.

If you are looking to set up a website with a designer please give them at least 3 to 4 weeks notice for a proper website, one pages can be done quicker but real sites take time. Also the web designer might also have other projects on, its the other type of developers, the one’s dealing in bricks and morter who are not busy these days!!! lol

If your thinking about setting up a website, why not give Cada Media Ltd a call on 053 9430747 and we can talk you through some the details you will need.

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