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Online shops are on the increase!

Definitely our biggest inquiry so far this month has been people asking to set up an online shop or payment gateway for their business using the net. We had a business from Kildare in with us today going over all the options available to them. We looked at VISA machines for their shop to maybe using an online virtual VISA machine going through a secure server on https://pay-here.bla

This would mean that as a shop they could take payments over the phone using any Internet connected pc or using their own website in the shape of an online shop. Today’s meeting is the 7th meeting of this type since we came back after the holidays. No other year has shown such a push for online sales. Maybe people are finally understanding that business and money is not all about bricks and motar and that just because a business using the Internet does not take away from what people preceive as the real world,

The Internet is the real world and that’s where your potential customers are looking for your services, now let us take you through the next stage and be able to take a payment off them for a product or service you supply.

Call Dave Jordan from Cada Media Ltd on 053 9430748 to start getting your business online.

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