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Snow effect on the Internet!

Listening to the news today about how the snow today has cost businesses in Dublin an estimated €80 million, according to Dublin Chamber of Commerce.  I find it interesting to see also that all the news and images and videos are being reported about it were mostly on the Internet. It got me thinking that many people often forget the Internet is never closed for business, it doesn’t call in sick, it doesn’t spend 3 hours in traffic getting to work.

Open for business 24/7

Being able to communicate your message, make appointments, sell products and accept payments online using your website and the Internet is a great way of future proofing your business to be able to do business even when your not physically there. The snow over the past few days has been a fantastic advertisement for using the net in business. Companies are able to effectively stay open, ok if they are selling products, they will still take a few days to be delivered, but if its services and booking for products then the net is ideal.

If you are a business owner and ever wondered about setting up a website for your company or moving your existing website to the next level,  then think about how the snow effected businesses in the South east today and how if your website was capable of accepting payments then the snow wouldn’t matter to you.

Be that company in 2010, Contact Dave Jordan from Cada Media to get the snow ball rolling !

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