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Twitter facts and figures

I was browsing facebook and a friend of mine who works in a Media company in Sweden posted a link to a blog from a social media company in the UK. The post was about the percentage of tweets that contain brand names or organisation names. So what you may say,but like everything on the net you have to read between the lines to fully understand the benefit and reason for something.

We often get asked, why have a twitter account for business as most people just put some rubbish on it about what they are doing rather than actually using it for it s real purpose.


Twitter is a mini blog of types that give you the ability to ask questions, people will ask where a restaurant is, what shampoo do others use, what time is Metallica on stage, what ever the question is you must remember it is logged and search-able.

Twitter is a search engine that if we really think about it. It logs the real-time conversation that pople have online and you can search it to get the latest information.

http://search.twitter.com will show you what people are saying right now and don’t forget twitter is mobile so its not just nerds like me writting on their blog in the office on a dark evening, Its people standing outside supermarkets, sitting in restaurants, they are all around us telling us things using their mobiles.

19% of tweets mention brands

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