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Casa Pepe in Gorey

We were very happy to be asked to come on board and partner up with a local restaurant for their online marketing. They had dealt with other web designers and graphic designer in the past but were looking for someone to also help them with the entire online marketing issue. This is exactly the type […]

Facebook Chat Hack Virus

Today I was working away as usual and a customer came onto Facebook and said Hi and then told me he was away in London with the family and got mugged and needed help. A little strange as I know him, but didnt think we were at ‘That‘ stage of business that he would be […]

Facebook facial recognition feature !

Yes, you may have heard the rumours that Facebook are now automatically “Tagging” photos of people who use this social network for image sharing. The Giant of social networking with an estimated 700 million users has a new feature to read an image and use facial recognition software to “Tag” or mark an individual. Big […]

Facebook Live Updates!

Anyone see the new feature on Facebook whereby they are updating the comments live on the page without the refresh the page. I was having a chat with a web designer in Leitrim called Leon Quinn when the comments were popping up live. Another demonstration that websites are living and breathing animals that are always […]

Social Media Mum

I have a contact who is a Social Media Mum as she calls her self and if looking for work maintaining Facebook and Twitter accounts for small businesses in the Wexford area. She love Facebook and currenmtly runs campaigns for Driving schools and Florists etc. If you are looking for this type of service for […]

Facebook Places in Ireland

You may have noticed that Facebook has launched Facebook Places in Ireland. This feature was opened to the public yesterday but has been running in the USA and UK since last summer. “Check in” This is the term to allow users to show where they are and enter information about the place they are located. […]

Twitter for Business

They guys at twitter have launched a new business centre for twitter to help business get involved and start using it and understanding how they can benefit from it’ts use. So for all those questions that you wanted to know about twitter and what they hell is it etc then see the link below. http://business.twitter.com/

Facebook Fan or Friends Page?

Well this discussion has been going on for a while now as many businesses found that they didn’t like that Fan pages as the interactivity was very one way and that they felt that they only put announcements on their Facebook page but then they changed and set up a friends page that they had […]

Facebook overtakes Google!

News today that Facebook have overtaken Google as the number 1 website in terms of visits according to “Hitwise”. This is something I was only giving a talk about today to a group of business people here in the south east. I was explaining that social media needs to be managed correctly by staff of […]

Twitter facts and figures

I was browsing facebook and a friend of mine who works in a Media company in Sweden posted a link to a blog from a social media company in the UK. The post was about the percentage of tweets that contain brand names or organisation names. So what you may say,but like everything on the […]

Social Media sites over take porn!

Yes it’s true, apparently news out this week shows that the Irish nation has embraced social media websites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, YouTube etc with such a vigor that now they are viewed more often than adult websites. I read recently on a blog run by the famous Damian Mulley that facebook has gone […]

How to use Social Media websites!

A friend posted this on Facebook and it’s just great to see social media being used to bring an issue to the attention of management. This is what i mean by digital footprint, See how many people have view the video! click on the video to see it on YouTube and the Number of “hits” […]

What are twitter and facebook all about?

This is a questions we get asked all the time, no matter if it’s on-line, via the office telephone or sitting at a family dinner table. What the hell is twitter and why would anyone be mad enough to upload “I’m having my lunch” as a statement on their twitter page. Let me explain how […]

Understanding the internet

Understanding the internet One remark that comes up again and again is how “confusing the internet is”… Indeed the world wide web is such a vast virtual organism that its hardly suprising that many folks are stumped when it comes to applying the latest web technology such as blogs, you tube videos, flickr photos , […]