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Managing Google Adword campaigns?

So there I was today having lunch with a Internet Marketing guy I know in the Amber Springs hotel in Gorey and the two of us going on about how to manage adword campaings successfully and then we discussed the different methods of managing them, different keywords to use, different settings. . . localisation and so on and then we talked about pricing for such a service . . . We both agreed and found the most business didnt the the “best bang for their buck”.

Why pay an Internet “expert”?

Exactly, why would you pay someone to manage a google adwords advertising campaign that you can manage yourself? just log into google yourself and set up an account and put the price you are happy to pay for someone to pay to get yo your website and then input your vredit cards details.

Easy? Yes it is, and it’s even easier to get it wrong and not understand the different settings and variations that will display your adword on search results and in-line content. The words you choose could be expensive to bid on and there could be other words that you should be using.  Is your advert being clicked on by a night security guard on a laptop at 3am in Manchester, when you are advertising your painting and decorating service in Wexford!

Wasting money?

Yes, very often we come across people throwing away their money in Google adwords campaigns.

If you are trying to manage a pay per click yourself and running your business and want to spend your money correctly there are a number of things you need to have in place. At Cada Media Ltd we can help you spend your money better. Yes, we will charge you but yes you will gain the right traffic from the right people in the right location. We can either manage a campaign for you on a monthly basis or configure and fine tune it for you.

Then you manage it.

Cada Media, helping companies use the internet better since 1999 in Wexford.

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