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Upgrade your Internet Browser?

We often get into conversations with clients about the Internet browsers they are using. Many don’t think of upgrading it to a newer version or installing an entirely new browser such as

Why upgrade your browser?

Your current browser displays the web as you like it? You don’t trust all the requests to install this, install that. It’s true, we are all pestered with requests to do so, but there is a reason behind it . . . if you stop and think about the bigger picture of why you are being asked to upgrade.

Now before everyone harps on about security issues or bug fixes, look past that and think about the benefits of having the latest version of anything. The new features and accessories that they provide to keep you ahead in an every growing technical age. Some of the requests are to install a Java Script or a new version of Flash. (99% of people have no idea of what these are and reject the request)

As you may or not know there is a cloud over the horizon that has been looming for a while now. It is spoken in the Sunday papers, business networking, tech forums and is a great buzz word of tech talkers. It is “Cloud Computing” and the idea of putting data in a remote location in order to allow it to be accessed via any location. Bit like a website in basic terms if you think about it. It is this accessing remote data that has been talked about in disaster recover situations where we hear about big companies with hundreds of employees and the building burns down. They simply move to a new locaiton with and access their emails and documents from their server and continue working.

Great for large business but is it necessary for small businesses. It is important for us all but in order to even start going down that road you must have the right vehicle and in computing terms that means the device or software we use. The software we use is changing as we see more and more software being used on the net.

But if your Internet Browser is an old version you will not be able to get involved and engage in these changes in technology. Have you every listened to someone brag that their phone is just a phone and it is great. That may be true for them but for those who know the benefits of having a phone that also accesses emails and and the web, we know it can change the way we work. Change our lifestyle and even the way we accept payments.

Now apply that philosophy to your web browser. Imagine what you are missing out on and the features that are available these days. The browser is not just a click forward or backward, ckick Home. The browser is a piece of software that is able to doing online transactions, word processing, drawing and in fact most tasks that a computer can do, but only if that software is the latest version.

This maybe something called Java Script, as it sounds, a programming language that coffee drinking programmers came up with that runs scripts that perform an operation either on your computer or to a online file.

You need it.

Other languages such as HTML version 5 are also being updated to help the processing of data on the Internet. Older browsers are being phased out in order to help the new world order where browsers are the one piece of software that is crucial to the running of all programs as they are run within it. Some functionality within these applications may have higher latency and may not work correctly in these older browsers.

So if you are still clicking on “ignore” or “reject” think again about what you are rejecting . . you are rejecting change to business and the new business models that are vital in business today.

Upgrade your browsers by clicking on any of the links above.

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